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Hello all you Wild Things!!!

Well this is my first blog on the new website and I'm very excited!! In future blogs I'm going to be giving you the Buzz on all sorts of Green, Wild and Creative stuff which will hopefully add to your outdoor and creative experiences in these very difficult and crazy times that we are currently living in. If I can inspire you to dig in and get stuck in to the wonder of nature, gardening and creative thinking with your family and friends then I will be beyond happy! After all the lockdown stuff, let's get some positive vibes going and make the most of more time at home with the family and the ability to get out in your own patch and for that you don't always need a garden, if your lucky enough to have one then that's great but if not don't worry, the natural world is all around us and just waiting to be discovered. Growing a small seed in a pot on a windowsill can fill you with just as much wonder as planting a tree in a well established garden. I hope you will join me for some fun times to come when we Go Green, Go Wild and Get Creative!

Take care, stay safe and go wild!!

Denise x

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