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Wild About Farms

At Greenfingers Designs in Nature  we are always looking for ways of offering a wide range of services to a wide range of people, and with Wild About Farms we aim to help the Farming Community diversify within an environmental remit laid out within the Common Agricultural Policy, whether involved in the English Environmental Stewardship Scheme through Natural England or the Glastir Scheme through the Rural Development Plan in Wales.

We appreciate that in order to survive in the current financial climate many Farmers are adding to their core business and finding other ways to generate an income throughout the year using various Conservation, Bio-diversity Enhancement, Open Farm and Social Farming methods. We are aware that within the Environmental Stewardship and Glastir schemes, funding can be secured to :

Conserve wildlife biodiversity

Maintain and enhance the landscape

Protect the historic environment

Promote public access and understanding of the countryside

Protect natural resources

With these aspects and the possibility of securing funding in mind, our Wild About Farms initiative seeks to help ALL Farmers maximise the scope for diversity and success.


We Offer

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

   Consultancy with planning Wildlife Habitat, Trails and other Natural Areas in and around the Farm for the enhancement of the environment and use of the general public

Barley Fields
Activity Planning

  Planning and delivering appropriate creative and informative workshops and activities  at the Farm for adults and children based on a rural lifestyle ,wildlife and nature theme

 We want to spread the word about Wildlife and the Environment as far as possible, to help people engage with and understand farming, the wealth of wonderful countryside and biodiversity that is to be found all over this green and pleasant land of ours. We also want to help the Farming Community keep a hold of what they live and work for 365 days a year

   If you're interested in getting us along, please get in touch via our Contact Page. We would love to visit your Farm in person or virtually via Zoom and offer our Wild About Farms advice, ideas and creativity in order to develop your business and scope for environmental sustainability in the future

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