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Meet the Head Gardener

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Our Vision

My vision is simple, to bring nature into people's lives thereby enhancing physical and mental wellbeing by experiencing the healing and developmental benefits and powers of this wonderful world of flora and fauna around us

Welcome to Greenfingers Designs in Nature!

I'm Denise Leech, a Wildlife Gardener, Designer and Educator, in charge of this whole show. I'm Passionate about People, Wildlife, Nature and Conservation, not always in that order, but there or there abouts. I have been an avid gardener and designer for many years, but my love of all things green and wild stems right back to my childhood and growing up in many rural locations around England and South Wales.

It is my mission to help everyone, no matter who or what their age, to engage with nature and the outdoors in whatever form that may take;  whether it's designing and creating a wildlife garden or learning environment, talking to and helping people get to grips with gardening and wildlife habitats or by getting out on the road to do public events, visiting schools and other organisations who may need some grass roots advice, motivation and inspiration! 

As an Award Winning Designer of Gardens, Wildlife Habitats, and Learning Environments, as well as an enthusiastic, experienced and qualified Educator, I am always bursting with creative ideas and initiatives to get people, Going Green, Going Wild and Getting Creative!

Cheers and Go Wild!

Denise x




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