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Go Green, Go Wild, Get Creative



Combining passion, enthusiasm and a flare for all things green, wild and creative, the aim is to offer anyone and everyone the chance to understand how Nature and Nurture combine in harmony together.  Inspirational, practical and creative ideas are incorporated into a wide range of exciting workshops and  activities for all, tailored to embrace every age of both children and adults.


It's so important that the next and all generations gets inspired to go outdoors, look around, see, hear, touch and experience the wonder of what awaits them. Creativity and fun are the key to learning, and this is provided by the bucket load to children of all ages, for schools, extra-curricular organisations and at special events including children's parties. Imaginative and engaging indoor and outdoor activities are provided to get everyone growing in their love of gardening, nature and the outdoors.


Go Green!

Learn about Wildlife Gardening and Homes for Nature in a selection of 'Hands On' Workshops and Activities.  By not just telling you, but showing you, we provide the know how for you to achieve the simplest and most satisfying of results in the adventure and discovery of creating your own green spaces and wildlife places. It can be a leap into the unknown for some or the continuation of a journey which needs a new direction for others.


Go Wild !

Take a walk on the wild side, at designated locations, into a world of Nature and Discovery with activity based rambles for everyone to enjoy, including Nature Bio-Blitz, Nature Stick-Up, Sounds Familiar and Barking Bonkers Tree ID.


Get Creative!

Get Arty and Crafty with our 'Make and Take' Activities on a Wildlife, Nature and Floral Theme. Creativity is the key to inspiration and innovation and we aim to cultivate a love of the natural world and the development of a fertile imagination! 

We will be going Green, Wild and Creative on various media platforms to bring some fun in difficult times to bridge the gaps with Home Schooling and School Holiday creativity so that you and yours need never be without a little bit of Greenfingers magic!

Go Wild and Party!

We will Go Green, Go Wild and Get Creative at your Children's Parties too, providing a complete Naturetastic Party Package experience tailored to your setting, your needs and children's age group. All of our party packages are based on a Wildlife, Nature, Gardening and Floral theme and all of your partying 'Nature Explorers' will have a bucket load of excitement, fun, games and stories! Kids can Go Wild doing our 'Hands On', 'Make and Take' activities, to go home with more than just a goody bag! Get us along to create a totally wild party to remember! We will even set the scene by decorating the party venue, indoors or outdoors, how brilliant is that?

*These parties will be available when it is safe for us all to get together again once more, but until then we can still offer Party Ideas and Workshops for you to do at home. There's always ways and means of Going Green, Going Wild and Getting Creative!


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